About Us


Training Oklahoma's Law Enforcement and promoting narcotics enforcement intelligence sharing since 1989

The Association of Oklahoma Narcotic Enforcers (A-ONE) was formed in mid-1989 to facilitate the exchange of information between narcotics investigators statewide.  A-ONE currently hosts 36 training events and meetings across Oklahoma each year in addition to our summer conference.

Since 1989 A-ONE has risen to a membership of over 500 State, Federal, and Local Law Enforcement, which also includes State and Federal prosecutors.

A-ONE's summer conference has risen to be one of the premier Narcotics Enforcement Training Conference's in the Country.  Law Enforcement Official's from across the US travel to Oklahoma each August to attend the conference.  A key event is the annual awards banquet at the conference where Oklahoma's tap narcotics Officers, K-9 Teams, Prosecutors, and Legislators are recognized.

A-ONE is committed to support legislation favorable to narcotics enforcement and promote a drug free state.