Mission & Purpose



  • The association of Oklahoma Narcotic Enforcers, A-ONE, was formed in mid-1989 to facilitate the exchange of information between narcotics investigators statewide.
    Every odd month, regional meetings are held. At these meetings, officers from the numerous agencies within the regions are encouraged to get acquainted with each other and share information. Some regional meetings also incorporate short training sessions to benefit the members. The fraternization and information sharing between officers at these meetings has proven successful in tracking and apprehending narcotics offenders operating throughout the state. Every even month, state
    meetings are held in and around the  OKC Metro area.  State meetings include the same socialization and information sharing with officers from agencies all over the state. In addition to these activities, state meetings regularly bring in nationally recognized instructors in the field of narcotics enforcement to lecture and provide CLEET (Oklahoma's Council on Law Enforcement Education and Training) accredited training. A-ONE also presents two separate training conferences. In the  spring, A-ONE brings in nationally recognized instructors to provide eight hours of
    CLEET accredited training in areas of interest to all law enforcement officers. In August, A-ONE presents a four day training conference bringing in numerous instructors with numerous topics of instruction, providing up to twenty hours of CLEET training. A-ONE training is geared toward not only the plain clothed narcotics
    investigator, but to the street officer as well. 



  • To exchange information between members of the association in regards to narcotics traffickers and new techniques used by officers and offenders.  
  • To continually train, retrain and update training for the members of A-ONE.  
  • To keep members advised of new drug abuse trends, current changes in the law and judicial decisions.  
  • To provide the public with suitable information on narcotic and drug abuse.  
  • To work for the professionalism of drug enforcement and to encourage the development of personal relationships and trust among individual members of A-ONE.​  
  • To recommend legislation favorable to narcotics enforcement and to oppose detrimental legislation.